Tunnel Segment Gaskets (TAGs)

Tunnel segment gaskets, often abbreviated as TAGs, are specialized rubber gaskets used in tunnel construction to create watertight and airtight seals between precast concrete tunnel segments. These segments are typically used in tunneling methods such as tunnel boring machines (TBMs) or cut-and-cover construction. TAGs play a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the tunnel by preventing water ingress, soil infiltration, and air leakage.

Here are some key features and functions of tunnel segment gaskets:

  1. Sealing Function: TAGs are designed to provide a tight seal between adjacent tunnel segments, preventing the ingress of water, soil, or other contaminants into the tunnel. This helps maintain the stability of the tunnel structure and protects it from corrosion and degradation over time.

  2. Elasticity and Compression: TAGs are made from elastic rubber materials, such as EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), which can deform and compress under pressure to accommodate variations in the dimensions of the tunnel segments. This ensures a snug fit and maintains the integrity of the seal, even in challenging geological conditions.

  3. Resistance to Environmental Factors: TAGs are engineered to withstand exposure to a wide range of environmental factors commonly encountered in tunnel construction, including temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation. This ensures long-term durability and performance of the gaskets in harsh conditions.

  4. Customization: TAGs are available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit different tunnel geometries and construction methods. They can be custom-designed to fit specific tunnel segment profiles and joint configurations, ensuring optimal sealing performance.

  5. Installation: TAGs are typically installed between adjacent tunnel segments during the assembly process. Proper installation techniques are essential to ensure uniform compression and a reliable seal along the entire length of the tunnel.

  6. Quality Assurance: TAGs undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements for tunnel construction projects. This includes testing for elasticity, compression set, chemical resistance, and durability under simulated operating conditions.

Overall, tunnel segment gaskets are critical components in modern tunnel construction, helping to maintain the safety, integrity, and functionality of underground infrastructure projects. Their effective sealing properties contribute to the longevity and performance of tunnels in various applications, including transportation, utilities, and underground storage facilities.

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