Aluminium Door And Window Rubbers

Rubber components play crucial roles in aluminum doors and windows, providing sealing, insulation, and protection against various environmental elements. Here are some common rubber parts used in aluminum doors and windows:

  1. Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is a flexible material used to seal the gaps between movable parts of doors and windows and their frames. It prevents air infiltration, water leakage, and dust penetration, improving energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

  2. Gaskets: Gaskets are rubber seals placed between stationary parts of doors and windows and their frames to create a tight seal. They provide weatherproofing, sound insulation, and thermal insulation, contributing to the overall performance and durability of the structure.

  3. Glazing Gaskets: Glazing gaskets are used to secure glass panes within aluminum window frames. They provide a cushioning effect and absorb shock, preventing glass breakage due to thermal expansion, wind loads, or impacts.

  4. Rubber Bumpers: Rubber bumpers are installed at the ends of door frames or sashes to dampen impact and reduce noise when doors are closed. They also prevent damage to the frame and walls caused by frequent door slamming.

  5. Seals for Sliding Doors and Windows: Rubber seals are used in sliding door and window systems to create a tight seal between the sliding panels and the frame. They prevent air and water infiltration and ensure smooth operation of the sliding mechanism.

  6. Edge Seals: Edge seals are placed along the edges of aluminum door and window frames to protect against moisture ingress and improve the appearance of the installation. They provide a finished look and prevent corrosion of the metal edges.

These rubber components are essential for ensuring the functionality, energy efficiency, and longevity of aluminum doors and windows. They are designed to withstand weathering, UV exposure, and temperature fluctuations, providing reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

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