Transparent Silicone Cord Shore 60 - S60T

Transparent silicone cords with a Shore hardness of 60 (S60T) are versatile sealing solutions used across various industries due to their unique properties. The transparency of these cords allows for easy inspection and alignment, making them suitable for applications where visibility is essential.

The Shore 60 hardness rating indicates a medium level of firmness, providing a balance between flexibility and stability. This makes the cord resilient enough to withstand compression and deformation while maintaining a reliable seal.

Silicone material offers excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, UV radiation, and weathering, ensuring long-term performance in demanding environments. Its inherent flexibility allows for easy installation and accommodation of irregular shapes or surfaces.

These transparent silicone cords find applications in sealing enclosures, windows, doors, and other openings where a transparent, flexible seal is required. They are also commonly used in medical devices, laboratory equipment, and consumer electronics, where hygiene, visibility, and durability are paramount.

Overall, the S60T silicone cords combine transparency, flexibility, and durability, making them indispensable sealing solutions in various industrial and commercial applications.

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