Sponge Viton FKM sheeting

Sponge Viton FKM sheeting is a type of Viton rubber material that has been engineered with a sponge-like cellular structure. This structure gives the material a soft, compressible consistency similar to that of a sponge, hence the name “sponge Viton.”

Sponge Viton FKM sheeting offers several advantages over solid Viton sheets:

1. Compressibility: Sponge Viton sheets can compress under pressure, allowing them to conform to irregular surfaces and create effective seals, even in applications with uneven or rough mating surfaces.

2. Flexibility: The sponge-like structure provides flexibility, making sponge Viton sheets suitable for applications requiring movement or vibration damping.

3. Low Closure Force: Sponge Viton requires lower closure force to create and maintain seals compared to solid rubber sheets, making it suitable for applications where sealing force must be minimized.

4. Cushioning: Sponge Viton sheets can provide cushioning and impact resistance, making them suitable for applications where shock absorption is necessary.

Sponge Viton FKM sheeting finds applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, and manufacturing. Common applications include gaskets, seals, cushioning pads, vibration mounts, and insulation components.

Like solid Viton sheets, sponge Viton FKM sheeting retains the excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature performance, and durability characteristic of Viton rubber. This makes it suitable for use in demanding environments where exposure to harsh chemicals, oils, fuels, and extreme temperatures is common.

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