EPDM Rubber Cord

EPDM rubber cord is a type of sealing material commonly used in various industrial applications. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, which is a synthetic rubber known for its excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, UV radiation, and temperature extremes. EPDM rubber cords are typically supplied in continuous lengths and are available in various diameters and hardness levels to suit different sealing requirements.

Here are some key characteristics and applications of EPDM rubber cord:

  1. Chemical Resistance: EPDM rubber has good resistance to many chemicals, acids, and alkalis, making it suitable for applications where exposure to harsh chemicals is expected.

  2. Weather Resistance: EPDM rubber cords are highly resistant to weathering, ozone, and UV radiation, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as sealing outdoor enclosures, windows, and doors.

  3. Temperature Resistance: EPDM rubber exhibits excellent temperature resistance, withstanding both high and low temperatures without significant degradation. This makes it suitable for use in both hot and cold environments.

  4. Sealing Applications: EPDM rubber cords are commonly used for sealing applications where a flexible, compressible seal is required, such as in doors, windows, hatches, and lids.

  5. Insulation: Due to its resilience and ability to maintain flexibility over a wide temperature range, EPDM rubber cord is also used for insulation purposes, such as sealing gaps in HVAC systems and electrical enclosures.

  6. Gaskets and O-Rings: EPDM rubber cord can be cut to length and used to create gaskets and O-rings for sealing pipes, tubes, and fittings in plumbing and mechanical systems.

  7. Automotive Seals: EPDM rubber cords are widely used in the automotive industry for sealing doors, windows, trunks, and hoods to prevent water, dust, and noise infiltration.

EPDM rubber cords are available in various shore hardness ratings (durometer) to accommodate different sealing requirements, and they can be easily cut, molded, or formed to fit specific applications. They are typically supplied in black color, although other colors may be available depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and customer preferences.

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