Gasket Sheets by Application

Here’s a breakdown of common gasket sheet types and their typical applications:

  1. Non-Asbestos Fiber Sheets:

    • Applications: General-purpose sealing, automotive engines, marine engines, HVAC systems, compressors, pumps, valves.
  2. Graphite Sheets:

    • Applications: High-temperature sealing, steam valves, high-pressure steam systems, chemical processing equipment, refineries, heat exchangers.
  3. PTFE Sheets:

    • Applications: Chemical processing, pharmaceutical equipment, food processing, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, high-purity applications.
  4. Rubber Sheets:

    • Applications: Automotive gaskets, engine seals, seals for water and weather exposure, plumbing, HVAC systems, machinery, seals for oil and fuel exposure.
  5. Cork Sheets:

    • Applications: Automotive gaskets, electrical transformers, machinery, compressors, pumps, marine applications, electrical equipment.
  6. Metal Sheets:

    • Applications: High-pressure and high-temperature sealing, heat exchangers, boilers, flange connections in petrochemical and refinery applications.
  7. Compressed Fiber Sheets:

    • Applications: Automotive engines, compressors, pumps, marine engines, industrial equipment, flange connections, low-pressure and moderate-temperature applications.

Each type of gasket sheet has unique properties and is suitable for specific applications based on factors such as temperature, pressure, media compatibility, and environmental conditions. It’s essential to select the appropriate gasket sheet type to ensure reliable sealing and prevent leaks in mechanical assemblies, piping systems, and equipment.

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