Steel Pipe Weight Calculator

A steel pipe weight calculator helps estimate the weight of a steel pipe based on its dimensions and density of the material. Here’s a general formula and steps to calculate the weight of a steel pipe:

  1. Determine the Dimensions:

    • Measure the outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness (WT) of the steel pipe in inches. These dimensions are typically provided by the manufacturer or can be measured directly using a caliper or tape measure.
  2. Calculate the Cross-Sectional Area:

    • Use the formula for the cross-sectional area of a pipe, which is �=�×(��−��2)2, where:
      • = Cross-sectional area of the pipe (in square inches)
      • = Pi (approximately 3.14159)
      • �� = Outside diameter of the pipe (in inches)
      • �� = Wall thickness of the pipe (in inches)
  3. Determine the Density:

    • Look up the density of the steel material used for the pipe. The density of steel is typically around 0.2836 pounds per cubic inch (lb/in³) or 7.85 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³), but it can vary depending on the specific alloy.
  4. Calculate the Weight:

    • Use the formula for calculating the weight of the steel pipe, which is �=�×�×�, where:
      • = Weight of the steel pipe (in pounds or kilograms)
      • = Cross-sectional area of the pipe (in square inches)
      • = Length of the pipe (in inches or feet)
      • = Density of the steel material (in pounds per cubic inch or grams per cubic centimeter)
  5. Convert Units (if necessary):

    • If the length of the pipe is provided in feet, convert it to inches by multiplying by 12 (1 foot = 12 inches).
    • If you want the weight in kilograms instead of pounds, use the appropriate conversion factor (1 pound ≈ 0.453592 kilograms).
  6. Perform the Calculation:

    • Substitute the values into the formula and calculate the weight of the steel pipe.

Here’s a simple example:

  • OD = 10 inches
  • WT = 0.5 inches
  • Length = 20 feet
  • Density = 0.2836 lb/in³





�≈70.8796 square inches



�≈6054.9 pounds

This example demonstrates how to calculate the weight of a steel pipe with given dimensions and length. You can adjust the values based on your specific requirements to calculate the weight accordingly.

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