Pressure gauges for process industry

Pressure gauges are indispensable instruments in the process industry for monitoring and controlling pressure in various systems. Here’s a rundown of the types of pressure gauges commonly used in the process industry:

  1. Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges: As mentioned earlier, Bourdon tube pressure gauges are widely used in the process industry due to their reliability, robustness, and versatility. They can measure gauge pressure, which is the pressure relative to atmospheric pressure, and are available in various pressure ranges to suit different applications.

  2. Diaphragm Pressure Gauges: Diaphragm pressure gauges are suitable for measuring low pressures and vacuum levels. They consist of a flexible diaphragm that deforms in response to pressure changes, which is then transmitted to a pointer mechanism for pressure indication.

  3. Bellows Pressure Gauges: Bellows pressure gauges are similar to diaphragm gauges but are designed for higher pressure ranges. They use a bellows element instead of a diaphragm to measure pressure changes.

  4. Capsule Pressure Gauges: Capsule pressure gauges utilize two thin, flexible diaphragms welded together to form a capsule. The capsule deforms in response to pressure changes, and this deformation is translated into motion to indicate pressure on the gauge dial.

  5. Differential Pressure Gauges: Differential pressure gauges are used to measure the difference in pressure between two points in a system. They consist of two pressure ports connected to a sensing element, such as a Bourdon tube, diaphragm, or bellows, with the gauge dial indicating the pressure difference.

  6. Digital Pressure Gauges: Digital pressure gauges offer advantages such as higher accuracy, digital display, and additional features like data logging and communication capabilities. They are increasingly being used in the process industry for applications where precise pressure measurement and digital communication are required.

  7. Sealed Pressure Gauges: Sealed pressure gauges are designed to measure pressure in corrosive or aggressive media. They feature a sealed case and special materials for wetted parts to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

  8. Specialty Pressure Gauges: There are also specialty pressure gauges designed for specific applications, such as sanitary pressure gauges for the food and beverage industry, intrinsically safe pressure gauges for hazardous environments, and pressure gauges with extended temperature ranges for extreme conditions.

When selecting pressure gauges for the process industry, factors such as pressure range, accuracy, compatibility with the process media, environmental conditions, and regulatory requirements should be considered to ensure optimal performance and safety. Regular calibration and maintenance are also essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of pressure measurements.

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