Compression stainless Banjo T-fittings

Compression stainless banjo T-fittings are specialized fittings commonly used in hydraulic systems, particularly in automotive applications such as brake systems. These fittings are designed to connect hydraulic lines with a banjo bolt, which typically has a hole through its center for fluid to pass through.

The term “compression” in this context refers to the method of sealing the connection. Compression fittings use compression of a ferrule or sleeve against the fitting and the tubing to create a seal. Stainless steel is often used due to its corrosion resistance and strength, making it suitable for demanding environments like those found in automotive and industrial applications.

Banjo T-fittings specifically feature a T-shaped configuration, allowing for three connections: one perpendicular to the main line and two along the same axis. This design is particularly useful in situations where space is limited or where multiple lines need to be connected to a single point.

These fittings are essential components in hydraulic systems, ensuring reliable fluid transfer and pressure control. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to prevent leaks and maintain the efficiency and safety of the system.

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